26 Feb

Tips when buying

The property market in London seems to be going from strength to strength compounded by a shortage of stock. Whether as a rental investment or for our own use ,for most of us, buying a property is the biggest purchase we will ever make – so it pays to get it right. Sometimes it’s right to let your heart rule your head, but not when it comes to buying property. We advise clients against being seduced by cheap redecoration on re-sales and by the "flashy expensive marketing" that accompanies so many "luxury" new developments. Take off the rose-tinted spectacles and take a look in the cold light of day. The things that really count are location, transport services, structural integrity, running costs (services charges and ground rents can be a major overhead) and if buying for investment, the suitability to meet the local demands and trends of potential tenants. First time buyers can be particularly vulnerable as they are often eager to settle down and buy the first decent looking property they see. We urge clients to seek our advice prior to fully committing to a purchase irrespective of whether or not they are buying through us.This is particularly important if it’s a rental property which has to therefore perform as a commercially viable investment.

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